The first step to use the Dash Text service is to create a wallet. In order to do so we must:

  • To send a text message to: 2030 with the word “CREATE”, afterwards we will receive a welcome message of the Dash text system and our Dash address will be generated.

  • With our Dash Text wallet created we will be able to send and receive Dash through SMS with no Internet needed.


To receive funds we must give our phone number to other user (valid only for Dash Text users) or the address of our Dash Text wallet so other users  an send us funds.

With the Dash Text service it is enough to send a message to 2030 with the word: “RECEIVE”, and the system will respond with our data so that we can forward them easily and safely.

To send funds we must have the phone number (valid only for Dash Text users) and the address of the recipient of the funds.

With that information we just need to send a text message with the following format: the word “SEND”, the amount (in Bolivars or Dash) that we want to send (specifying the monetary unit after the amount Dash or Bolivars) and the address or the phone number of the recipient. Then, we must confirm the transaction by sending the command “YES”.


To consult the balance or the price of Dash we must send an SMS to 2030, with the word: “BALANCE” and “PRICE” and we will receive a message indicating the amount of Dash and its equivalent in Bolivars that are available in our Dash wallet and the information referring to the price of 1 Dash in Bolivars at the date and time in which me made the consult.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, consult with us through any of our contact channels. Don’t
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