The Program:

It is the first truly equally distributed charity system in the world. It enables anyone, no matter where you are, to send a donation that will be automatically and distributed among the people who really need it, so they can buy food or other essential items. This is truly innovative because there is no middle man needed, the donation goes directly to the people who need it. And they are not just getting help to buy food or medicines, they are learning how to use cryptocurrencies to aid for their financial freedom.


The reason that many people do not donate to charity is not because they don’t want to help but is because they don’t really know what’s happening with the money or they are not close enough with the situation of people in need to be compile to do so. So, we are breaking that barrier. We are connecting people who want to help with the people who need that help the most. 
And in the other side, donators can go into the website and check the profile of the different communities or institutions they want to help so they can sympathize with their situation, see pictures and videos and know exactly who they are helping. Donators can even type their name and their country so the people who receive the help know who is helping them.

Dash Text Charity Program

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Donate to San Antonio school!

Page under construction, if you want to donate for the pilot school to continue to receive donations, you can do so on the QR below, this QR code is hard coded to distribute $1 USD to each one of the 50 kids of the schools every day.
Dash Address:

San Antonio School

Next automated donation will occur on Sunday night (March 17th, 2019), so the kids can eat on Monday (March 18th, 2019), you can monitor this address to see these automated donations on the Blockchain every school day!

San Antonio School

The «San Antonio» school is located on the Baralt Avenue between the corners of Cuartel Viejo and Balconcito, Caracas.
It is a catholic institution that reports directly to the Ministry of Popular Education, in turn it is registered with the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education AVEC.

Pilot of the Dash Text Charity Program:

1 month, February 2019 – March 2019 (20 labor days)

School selected:
San Antonio school located in the Baralt Avenue, Caracas, Venezuela.

50 teenagers (all students) between 12-18 years old. Both genders.

1- Provide training to all the students about how to use Dash Text and create their Dash Text wallets.
2- Send 1$ to each one daily so they can buy breakfast in the kiosk of the school.
3- Monitor and solve issues during the pilot.

Transaction count:
Over 1056 transactions.

Food purchased:
Over 1600 empanadas, 900 juices, 500 snacks.


Donate to Dash Text!

We will launch the full charity program very soon and you’ll be able to donate directly to many people, in the mean time, if you want to donate to the Dash Text organization to speed up development you can do so right here.
Dash Text Address: